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Individual & Team Job Placement


A Lakemary Job Coach will work closely with you throughout the project to ensure a quality job that will be completed on time. Lakemary will customize an appropriate work team to best fit your needs, and manage the team effort to insure employer satisfaction.

Leave the details to us. Our Job Coach will coordinate transportation to and from the job site, manage scheduling, provide employee supervision, assist with employee training, and facilitate employer needs to make sure the job is done right the first time!

Whether it's a long-term contract to roll silverware daily for your restaurant, cleaning your facility on an on-going basis, or a short-term project like assembling parts at a manufacturing plant or helping with a large catering order - we can customize our supports to fit your needs.

Individual Job Placement

In addition to on-site work teams, Lakemary can also provide employers with assistance in filling openOn Site positions on many levels within their business.

As employers look to expand and diversify their workforce, Lakemary's Community Employment Team can be a resource that helps connect quality workers with your open positions. Our individual job placements have proven performance records and high retention rates in a variety of positions.

As an employer, you can expect Lakemary to recommend individuals who have the skills, abilities, and positive attitude to complete the required job duties and responsibilities. In addition, a Lakemary Job Coach can provide on-site consultation and training during the crucial start-up period. The Job Coach can help foster the initial relationship between the employer and employee and then provide further on-going consultation as needed.

Lakemary has worked with employers to place qualified employees into positions in a variety of businesses including: nursing facilities, professional offices, production warehouses, health clubs, grocery stores, retail stores, restaurants, and indoor family entertainment centers...just to name a few!

Lakemary will provide both services with no placement fees incurred by the employer. If you are interested in hiring from Lakemary's quality workforce pool, please contact us for more information.

"We have partnered with Lakemary for over 5 years. In that time they have proven to be extremely reliable. More importantly the individual team members that have worked with us at Yard House have been wonderful. They have all shown a sense of pride in the work they have done and have felt like they are a part of our family."

Chad Devorak, Regional Manager, Yard House Restaurants, Kansas City, KS